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New Day is a multi-service agency offering business and personal services to help you realize your highest potential.  Change is the only constant and New Day is here to help you shed light on how to manage and navigate these changes whether you're a business owner, professional or a consumer.  It is our mission to help other identify and reach their goals.  We're your partner for success!

Everyday, people are looking for greater overall wellness, success and satisfaction with their personal and professional lives. Medicine and science continue to demonstrate daily that the keys to health and wellness live within the mind and body of the individual. More and more people are seeking complimentary and alternative therapies and treatments for chronic and newly identified issues.  New Day provides these services using Hypnosis, ThetaHealing, Intuitive Hands-On , Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection blended with intuitive guidance, education and coaching.

Intuitive hands-on healing is often best suited to the physical body in distress.  Those physical ailments, discomfort and dis-eases  regardless of their origin, can become chronic imbalances that perpetuate themselves often drawing the inflicted farther away from a sense of wellness and health. Clients consistently report dramatic improvements and positive experiences of  Intuitive Hands-On healing whether suffering from chronic or episodic physical issues.  Whether an ache or injury, hands-on healing facilitates dramatic improvement.

I assist with issues best described as when the 'spirit' is ailing.  Those times,  when some part of heart or soul or spirit lacks the energy and vitality, knowledge and motivation to walk the exciting journey of life.  We are meant to live happy lives, pursuing fulfilling desires, joyfully experiencing all that life offers.  When we are out of balance mentally, physically, spiritually, we lose the perspective of understanding that allows us to flow freely in our lives.  New Day helps to restore balance through intuitive energy healing, spiritual counseling and teaching.

I assist clients in uplifting themselves with restored health and vitality. By resolving issues and negative patterns, clients will experience a more positive outlook with renewed opportunities for success. I aid clients in awakening their dreams- of the lives they want to live and the people they want to be-by using these different healing modalities for the clients' highest and best results.  Awaken your dreams for the life you've always wanted. 

I provide hypnosis and healing services to aid individuals and groups to restore health and wellness to body, mind and spirit.  This takes place in a judgment-free, safe and therapeutic setting for the identification and resolution of chronic and newly-developed, physical, behavioral, and emotional problems.  The client's privacy and confidentiality is always maintained to the highest degree.